Modest Mouse

The band played 3 shows at the Bowery Ballroom in . We went to two, and recorded and photographed one. This was my first attempt ever, I bought the MD recorder the day of the show. I seperated some of the longer talking portions into their own files (on my CD they get their own tracks). The pictures below were taken by my friend Brian using his Nikon with 3200 speed black and white film. The show of course was awesome.

(I have a 2 CD set made from this show, email me if you want a copy)

00a-Talk - Intro 189K
01-Styrofoam Boots - It's All Nice On Ice, Alright 7M
02-Dramamine 6M
03-Polar Opposites 3.5M
04-Doin' the Cockroach 6.7M
05-Wild Pack of Family Dogs 2M
05a-Talk - Just Trying To Be A Dad 1.2M
06-Third Planet 4.7M
07-Out of Gas 2M
08-Trailer Trash 6M
09-All-Night Diner 7.7M
10-Paper Thin Walls 3M
11-Cowboy Dan 10.5M
11a-Talk - Hot Eats Cruel Treats 550K
12-Never Ending Math Equation 4M
12a-Talk - Birthday 1.8M
13-Perfect Disguise 4.2M
14-Positive Negative 6.5M
15-What People Are Made Of 2.5M
16-Jamming 7M
17-Truckers Atlas 9.4M
18-Breakthrough 5.5M
19-Custom Concern 3.4M
19a-Talk - Goodnight 400K


1 36k 871k
2 28k 778k
3 23k 773k
4 39k 862k
1 16k 810k
2 29k 925k
3 20k 1.2M
4 28k 842k
5 13k 580k
1 13k 937K