Below are a number of concerts that I have been to in the past and recorded and/or photographed.

The pictures were mostly taken with Canon's Digital Elph (The Powershot S100) though the Modest Mouse were taken with my friends Nikon N90. Most of the images here have been scanned, resized, touched up, etc. If anyone is interested in original prints or jpegs, just let me know.

The recordings were all done with a minidisc recorded, the Sharp M-15. I have mp3s up on this site, however if anyone is interested in a CD of a show, the wavs the mp3s are based on, or a copy of the original MD, lt me know. The mp3s are usually a straight through copy of the concert broken up into tracks. This means that there will be crowd noise, random band ramblings, etc. Unless the talking is a song intro it will probably be found on the end of the tracks. I have edited the songs to fixup any recording problems, cut out exessive pauses, etc. I also generally raise the levels so all the tracks sounds good at the same volume.

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Modest Mouse - Bowery Ballroom, NYC - May 19, 2000
Orbit - Brownies, NYC - Nov 18, 2000
Orbit - Brownies, NYC - Feb 10, 2001
Ben Lee - Village Underground, NYC - Feb 12, 2001
Evan Dando - Village Underground, NYC - Feb 12, 2001
Superdrag - Maxwells, Hoboken Mar 1, 2001
Ben Lee - Maxwells, Hoboken
Jets To Brazil - Irving Plaza, NYC
Built To Spill - Irving Plaza, NYC